Whether you call it White Elephant or Yankee Swap, this gift stealing game is popular at Christmas parties. There are usually two approaches to this game, you can go for funny and silly or nice and serious. We have found 10 perfect gifts that won't break your holiday budget.

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  • 1

    Dad Jokes Book

    Everyone loves a good dad joke right?

  • 2

    Popcorn Popper

    They can pop popcorn kernels without the bulky popcorn machine.

  • 3

    This Day in History Calendar

    They do say you learn something knew everyday.

  • 4

    If You Can Read This Socks

    These come in a variety of options beer, coffee, chocolate, and bacon.

  • 5

    Coffee Mug

    Is this one a little crude? Maybe. Is it funny? Yes.

  • 6

    Wine Tumbler

    These are great to keep wine cold or keep coffee you wish was wine hot.

  • 7

    Bluetooth Hat

    Keep the tunes playing while keeping warm. Yes, that was a corny line.

  • 8

    Cocktail Recipe Glass

    No more searching for cocktail recipes online with this handy glass.

  • 9

    Riddle and Brain Teaser Book

    "I personally didn’t read this book, but I bought it for a friend who is currently in jail and he says they’re great for passing time and were entertaining to read." With a review like that who wouldn't want it.

  • 10

    Meeting Mug

    Honestly, this is the perfect gift for an office party.

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