OMG! Are you kidding me?

You've seen your fellow South Jersey residents doing this sh**, now it's time for them to STOP! ( And maybe you, and maybe me.)

Look at the list, check it twice, and make sure you don't do these things anymore.

#1 Stop eating on top of the garbage can outside the Wawa.

Come on! Do you eat over the trash can at home? Why do you do it here?

#2 Stop feeding the seagulls.

Granted, it's probably mostly non-South Jersey people, but still, it's a good message to everyone. THEY ARE FLYING RATS!

#3 Stop drinking so much coffee!

You walk everywhere with that coffee cup in your hand. You have coffee breath. I don't drink coffee at all, and I'm awake, so you don't need to either. (Don't hate!)

#4 Stop texting on your bicycle.

Keep your hands on the bike and keep looking out for my car. I'm not a very good driver, you know.

#5. Stay out of the left lane, except if you are passing.

An oldie but a goodie.

#6. Stop leaving your shopping carts all over the place.

The grocery stores all have little cart corrals. Use them please. My scratched and dinged car thanks you.

#7. Stop rooting for the Dallas Cowboys.

You don't live in Texas, and you never did! You're only allowed to root for the team from where you were born, or where you live. If you don't understand this rule, you must be named Chris Christie.

#8 Stop smoking.

Wake up and stop. You know what that sh** does to you!

#9 Stop complaining about kids today.

We all know what you did when you were 15. So does the police.

#10 Stop littering.

You don't do that at home, so why do it everywhere else?

#11 Stop taking your little dog everywhere.

If it's not a service animal or comfort animal, you need to leave it at home. No one likes it.

AND THIS ONE, is for ME mostly, according to Rachel:

#12 Stop tipping the gas station attendant.

Rachel thinks I'm crazy for doing this. I always give them a dollar. Am I crazy?

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