Galloway Township Historical Society is seeking sponsors for a 1872 Map of Atlantic County that has been found!

Credit: Robert Reid via
Credit: Robert Reid via

The historical society is looking to preserve this crazy, amazing and old map that could have a huge impact on Atlantic County history. But they’re looking for some help to do it.

They’re looking for sponsors to help with the restoration and framing of the Society’s 145 year old map of Atlantic County that is 70 x 65 inches, and will most likely cost about $4,900.

The map provides an incredible time capsule of the county in 1872. It also provides the names of property owners, business directories, and residents from across the expanse of the county and within each community. This information is extremely useful for both historians and genealogists. As well as for the community's resource for education!

The topographical features include depicting swamps, tidal meadows, and the sandy beaches along the barrier islands. It also portrays long forgotten villages/ hamlets like Carmantown, New Germany, Thompsontown, Da Costa, Hewittville, Conovertown and Johnsontown, just to name a few, that the society hopes will entice the viewer to go out and explore these long lost communities.

There's also a mileage chart for communities within Atlantic County and township-level population counts from the 1870 federal decennial census.

If you're interested in becoming any sort of sponsor, in order to have your name listed on the Society Website as well as a plaque in the museum, you can qualify at certain sponsor levels:

Platinum - $2,500. 

Gold -$1,250. 

Silver - $500.

Bronze - $250.

Patron - $100.

Friend - $50.

Donations of $500, or greater, include Life Member status. You can donate to their Go-Fund-Me Page

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