Two YouTube stars from the United Kingdom have attempted to tackle South Jersey slang. The key word here is attempted.

Joel and Lia are two fun Brits who take it upon themselves to try to understand what in the world is happening here in America, and how to make sense of it.

(When they figure it out, I hope they let me know what is all means.)

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Joel and Lia have put together a bunch of videos that zero in on not only all things American, but also some of the regionalisms that the United States is famous for.

Recently, that set forth to tackle some South Jersey things, like our language - or our "slang."

I find the pair to be quite cute and entertaining, and I hope you do as well!


Ha! No, that's not what Jimmie's mean! I'm sorry, Joel, what was that about your teeth? TMI!

Obviously, they didn't get the real answer on Pork Roll - it's definitely not bacon! They whiffed on Jughandle. The definition they had for Shoobie wasn't quite complete either.

We could go back and forth for years on whether of not Central Jersey exists, and where the "line" for South Jersey begins and ends.

(Hey, Joel and Lia - if you happen to see this, we think you're great!)

Are there other South Jersey words or phrases you'd like Joel and Lia to tackle? Let us know in the comments and we'll see if they can do a follow up to this video.

PS. We think Joel and Lia have real nice teeth! LOL

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