It's millennials vs. baby boomers in Joe and Jahna's Generation Battle!

Joe and Jahna challenged each other to a guessing game of generational slang. Meaning, Jahna quizzed Joe on his knowledge of millennial slang and Joe challenged Jahna's knowledge of phrases and things dating back 35+ years.

Neither one did too badly, but there was definitely a clear winner. Play along with them below to test your generational knowledge!

Millennial Slang:

Baby Boomer Lingo:

Joe was shocked at how much Jahna actually knew about his glory days, whereas Jahna wasn't too shook that Joe had no idea what "Glo-Up" meant.

Final Score: doesn't even matter. In the battle of the generations, Jahna slayed.

Just in case you don't know what "slay" means, see below for a quick millennial vocab lesson:

Slayed (past tense)- verb that refers to someone doing an exemplary job.


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