That simply cannot be true. There must be some mistake.

How is someone going to publish a list of the best states to plan a trip to, yet leave off the Garden State? It just DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! How do you leave New Jersey off of a "top states to visit" list in the summertime?

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A new survey has been published that provides a list of the top twenty states to visit. Well, to be more specific, it's a list of the most fun states to visit. Still, the previously asked questions apply. New Jersey has GOT to be one of the best states to visit this time of year. We've got the beach, the boardwalk, Six Flags, TONS of hikes, places to camp, festivals, theme parks, zoos, you name it.

There's no way this list is accurate.

The survey was apparently formed based on analyzing key metrics like nightlife, entertainment, recreation, and more. Well, Jersey has some of THE BEST nightlife in the country, no doubt. No matter where you go throughout the Garden State, you can find yourself a good time. Hello?!? Did these "experts" never hear of Jersey Shore?

It just doesn't add up. The experts also looked at each state's number of restaurants per capita, movie theaters per capita, golf courses, fitness centers, etc. Now, I know New Jersey isn't as big as California, Florida, or New York state, but there are SO MANY PEOPLE that live here, so it's odd that New Jersey wouldn't even break into the top 10.

New Jersey falls right around where Idaho, Iowa, and Wyoming hit the list. The Garden State is at number 31. Weird? Yes. Check out the list for yourself to see if you can make any sense of it.

Source: WalletHub

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