Why spend soo much money on a great gift for Valentine's Day when you can stay within a small budget with something a little cheaper on Craigslist! Maybe you procrastinated a bit, well have no fear because there's NO wait for delivery either, since you can pick it up right here in South Jersey too--how PERFECTLY romantic!

Here's the TOP 5 Valentine's Day Perfect Gifts for Valentine's Day on South Jersey Craigslist

This is actually romantic, and surprising-- You can enjoy the Winter waters for 4 hours learning how to kayak fish in a fully rigged Kayak! The deal ends mid March so check out the website for more details on how to book and land some romantic fishing pics!

2. 2009 Challenger SRT8 Orange - $27500 (Ventnor)

Not for nothing...It's not a bad price for what it looks like! Probably can be negotiated too but hey who knows. If it's worth it for that special someone then it's cheap enough! Right? And apparently, it's hardly ever been driven and not a blemish on it! Sounds like a steal.

LADIES! Since we never know what to get guys, like...EVER, this is something so easy! What guy doesn't like video games?! Ranging from Gameboy to Nintendo, it'll make his 90's soul thrive! Check it out in the link

And it's FULL! It's a Vintage Bottle that labels all things Politics here in South Jersey! It's the perfect gift for the politician in the family who liked Weber, Robert H. of Cumberland County and more. Definitely not the idea lady gift but like, YOLO.

5. Antique Hand Saws- (Mullica)

The better to....saw you in half with my dear! Apparently nothing screams Valentine's Day than eight different carpenter hand saws in good collectable condition!

Ok...so maybe these gift ideas are not the MOST ideal and tend to digress in appeal. But it's the thought that counts, right?! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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