It's Hairstylist Appreciation Day!
If your hair is your pride and joy (like it is for me) then you have your hairstylist to thank!

Whether it be you, your mom, or your bff who does your hair...

 (shout out to ma girl Mandy)

 ...A relationship with your hairstylist is important! Frankly, you spend on average 2-3 hours per appointment with your hairstylist. That's A LOT of time to get to know someone...or to have really awkward small-talk with, but who wants that?!

Some people dread getting their hair cut FOR that reason, but here are some tips on how you can make your experience/ relationship with your stylist the best!

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    Respect the ART

    Remember that a trim is not "just" a trim. It requires a hairdresser's expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. That's what they went to school for, so let them do it!

    If you're picky with your hair, like me, don't be afraid to address your concerns before you let your stylist work his/her magic!

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    Show Up EARLY

    Come at least five minutes early. If you're running late, call ahead! It can't hurt to give them a heads up, especially if they're running behind schedule anyway. That way, they won't feel so rushed and frazzled for when you get there.

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    Don't ask to be "Squeezed"

    Don't ask a hairdresser to "squeeze" you in when he/she is already booked solid. Cause lets be real ladies, we care a lot about our hair and if something's not right...the world ends. So don't expect for things to go right when your stylist is rushed and you're "squeezed". 

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    Speak Up!

    Make sure you're vocal about EXACTLY what you want, and they'll make your ideas come to life! My hairstylist always says, "I'm never cutting a person's hair who starts their vision with 'I think'" (right Mandy?!).  But also trust their creative process too; That's what makes a GREAT stylist.

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    Make 2-Way Conversation

    Hairdressers see women at their worst. Their hair is wet, they have foils on their hair, they have no makeup on. There's nothing for them to hide behind. So they tell hairdressers everything... which is nice and all but hairdressers are people too! They hear people talk ALL DAY, give them the chance!