I spent July 1st on the beach for a little day-cation stay-cation. Honestly, it was needed. The water wasn't frigid, it was calm, and it was crystal clear. As I sat in my chair I took part in my favorite past time, people watching. The beach is the perfect place for that.

As I looked around the beach I made a realization, it is super easy to spot a tourist. There are a few tell tale signs that someone is a Shoobie or a BENNY, depending on where you are on the Jersey Shore. Here are a few things I noticed from my chair.

  • 1

    Canvas Wagons.

    There were a few people with these wagons on the beach. These canvas wagons look like they collapse and are definitely made for camping.

  • 2

    Camping Chairs.

    If you see someone with a canvas camping chair, there’s a good chance they are a tourist. There is also a good chance that their chairs are the same brand as their wagon.

  • 3


    HATE tents on the beach, they take up so much space and block the view of the ocean for other people. There is a camping theme among tourists.

  • 4


    Seriously, why do tourists think the beach is the place for camping equipment??

  • 5


    I watched a teenager put high socks on while standing in the sand. My skin was crawling just watching him do it. His friends even asked him what he was doing, which made him decide to take them off. Thank you friends of random teenager, I appreciate you.

  • 6

    Full Outfit.

    I saw quite a few people dressed in jean shorts (Bermuda length) and a shirt. No, it did not appear as if they had on a bathing suit underneath.

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