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Happy November 1st, also known as the start of the Christmas season. While Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I cannot deny that it makes me happy to see the stores start switching over to Christmas. Your email will start getting bombarded with sale advertisements. It's truly beginning to look, or at least feel, like Christmas.

Since it's the Christmas season, I've been on the hunt for some new ornaments. It's never too early to get some new Christmas ornaments. I found some really great New Jersey ornaments on Amazon that will show off my Jersey pride.

  • Andaz Press via Amazon
    Andaz Press via Amazon

    This metal ornament has a real wood look and is perfect for a Jersey Guy/Girl who moved away. Buy Now.

  • Custom Decor and Gifts via
    Custom Decor and Gifts via

    If you gravitate to a more rustic look this ornament is for you. This simple, rustic wood state outline is a perfect way to show your Jersey pride. Buy Now.

  • Westman Works via
    Westman Works via

    New Jersey isn't only just densely populated, we also have a lot of towns. This unique ornament highlights just some of those towns. Buy Now.

  • Old World Christmas via
    Old World Christmas via

    The "Jersey Shore" is so iconic, it makes sense that you would want a Jersey Shore inspired ornament for your tree. The ornament even features Old Barney. Buy Now.

  • Duct Tape and Denim via
    Duct Tape and Denim via

    This handmade steel ornament is another rustic homey ornament. To me it reminds me of something you would find in a shop in Smithville. Buy Now.

  • Old World Christmas via
    Old World Christmas via

    Another Old World Christmas ornament. This one features all that makes New Jersey great: our state bird, lighthouse, grapes, etc. Buy Now.

  • Nations Treasures via
    Nations Treasures via

    These metal ornaments are found in almost every gift shop. This ornament features some of New Jersey's highlights. Buy Now.

  • 3d Rose via
    3d Rose via

    Could we do a New Jersey themed list without including pork roll? The answer to that is no. This funny ornament explains what everyone from New Jersey is thinking. Buy Now.

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