Ah, yes...Throw back Thursday is here, the day of the infamous #tbt. As Maren Morris would say, "I'm a 90's baby", and that of which, I am! So, I live for days like this.

Hello 90's. The 90's style label. Vector illustration.
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Boy, do I miss the days of chokers and bomber jackets. Thankfully, they've made a comeback during the current Alpha Generation (aka now). Other 90's trends that are back in action are:

  • Combat boots/ Doc Martens
  • Parting your hair down the middle
  • Timberland boots
  • Air Jordans
  • Backwards hats
  • Sweaters tied around the waist
  • Jansport Backpacks

But there are some 90's trends that we've most certainly forgotten about, that we wouldn't totally hate if they made a comeback too...

Ok maybe we would, but we definitely miss them! Here are TEN 90's trends you probably forgot about, and wouldn't hate if they made a comeback:

  • 1

    Mood Rings

    Now the only time these things actually worked was when you cupped your hands around it and breathed hot air on it... but otherwise, they were pretty cool just to even have, right?!

    I feel like these little things could totally come back, if they stay black...like my soul.

  • 2

    Overalls with One Strap Down

    TBT to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days! My theory is, as long as Will Smith is living, overalls will always be ok. In fact, they're still pretty much in style! Maybe not with the one strap down, but I LITERALLY just ordered and jean overall dress online 2 days ago...let's bring it back!

  • 3

    Bleached Hair

    Ok, would I judge a dude rockin' the frosted tips these days? Honestly, NO. I loved the bleached hair look! My brother had it, JT had it, and that means EVERY guy basically had it. Wow, how I miss N'SYNC too... can we just go back to the 90's?!

  • 4

    Neon Windbreakers

    Not for nothing, I have one of these that I used to wear to themed frat parties...

    Even though I've graduated, I don't have the heart to let it go. SO I'm a fan of the windbreaker, especially for the summer! These things can totally make a comeback.

  • 5

    Lunch Boxes

    If these things don't make a comeback, then the "My lunch box is cooler then yours" argument was just a waste of time. Case. And. Point.

  • 6

    Grain Of Rice Necklace

    Whenever I went to Disney World as a kid, this was the one thing I had to come home with. A grain of rice, with my name on it, inside of a cool necklace. I NEEDED that, and a colorful hair wrap with beads at the end of it too. shhhhhh #tbt to the good-ol-days!

  • 7

    Bucket Hats

    The only people who still rock these are fisherman, and people under extreme levels of intoxication. Why can't it be socially acceptable to wear a bucket hat?! Those things were so trendy if you ask me...

  • 8

    Parachute/ Cargo Pants

    I shall not tell a lie, I still wear parachute pants! Maybe a more modern version and less baggy, but hey, they're still parachute pants! My mom used to call them "swish swish" pants LOL #tbt

  • 9

    Hoop Earrings

    Girls, this has made a comeback for us for sure. Boys... I'm talking about you. Remember the days where guys would rock the hoop earrings? I feel like 90's Justin Timberlake was a staple for all things timeless in the decade...

  • 10

    Slap Bracelets

    Common...these things were AWESOME. Especially if you had little siblings! You could scare the crap out of them by threatening with a "smack" that never actually hurt because it'd only curl around into a cool bracelet! Ok now that I think about it, maybe this 90's trend doesn't have to make a comeback...

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