My commute was messed up for the spring, summer, and fall - but, I think the folks working on a busy Atlantic County intersection got it right.

Too bad that wasn't the case with the Airport Circle, right?

I'm talking about the intersection of Fire and Mill Roads in Egg Harbor Township. For much of the year, my commute to work was detoured, but now it's done and it appears to be working great.

I should mention I have no idea who was responsible for the intersection re-do. It could be the state, the county, or the township. (HEY! Aren't they supposed to put up those big, obnoxious signs, patting themselves on the back?)

I'm not sure it's the same entity that's responsible for the joke that is the Airport Circle - also in EHT.

The Fire/Mill redo, though, looks good, and traffic FLOWS through the intersection, from all directions. They took a very congested intersection and, well, un-congested it!

So, bravo, whomever is responsible! You've managed to lower my blood pressure once in a while. Now, can you revisit the circle?

Actually, now, can you look at West Jersey Avenue in EHT? Something has to be done there. Pulling onto West Jersey from Ridge, Fernwood, and Tremont is worse than merging onto the Parkway or Expressway. There's already been at least one death there this year - and, that's one too many.

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