In a scene right out of "This is What's Supposed to Happen" a trained Falcon attacked and killed a seagull on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

A witness - not from around here - freaked out after seeing it - and then, she bravely posted her thoughts on a Facebook group page, only to be attacked, well, like the falcon attacked that seagull.

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Seagull killed by falcon on Ocean City Boardwalk

Several years ago, the city of Ocean City went into the attack falcon business. That it, it started hiring a company that would bring falcons to the boardwalk to keep all the seagulls away.

Usually, the mere presence of the falcons is enough to keep the pesky seagulls away - but, once in a while, a more stern lesson is needed.

That was apparently the case recently when one of the falcons attacked and killed a seagull.

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Shoobie posts about the attack

On the public Facebook group, Ocean City NJ 08226, one woman - who we are choosing not to identify, posted about the attack.

She was apparently taken aback by not only the kill but the number of people who whipped out their cameras and caught the incident on video.

She went on to say she asked the falcon's handler about the need for the killing - and, she didn't like his answer.

(Yeah, maybe next year we should just hire falcons to tease the seagulls, not attack them.)

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Respondents on Facebook clap back with gems

As you might imagine, some of the responses to her post are quite entertaining.

(I've added my own comments in parentheses)

One person noted that the falcons have gotten "too aggressive." Another said that the falcons were hired to scare the seagulls - not kill them!  (It almost sounds like an episode of "Sopranos" doesn't it?)

Here are a few more colorful replies:

"Good old Mother Nature taking over....."

"Nature doing what it does."

"This is disturbing, if someone starts a petition, I would love to sign it. Justifying hurting animals is not OK in any capacity. And especially if children are watching." (Yes! Tell those falcons that if they're going to kill the seagulls, they need to take them `round back - and do it out of the sight of our innocent children!)

"Sounds like someone is disturbed by nature. I see a hawk do that in my backyard every once and a while." (Yes - but they are not professional falcons - they're amateurs!)

"I love seagulls. I had one take my last bite of a sandwich out of my hand as I was going to put it in my mouth. Crazy but still love them." (At home, do you feed your rats too?)

"Falcons should eat the Shoobies who don’t keep their food covered. Not a difficult concept to grasp." (#Winning)

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I'd like to hire some falcons to help with some neighbor problems I've been having....

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