🐞 Many people have complained about an increase of ladybugs here in the Garden State.

🐞 Turns out, they're not ladybugs at all.

🐞 Ever hear of the Asian Lady Beetle?

You wish they were ladybugs! Believe me, anyone who has them in their house right now wishes they were. Ladybugs don't carry disease or present any other negative consequences other than just the minor inconvenience of their presence. That's only when there are a lot of them gathered in one spot. Usually, they're quite pleasant to experience.

Asian Lady Beetles on the other hand, they are the look-a-like cousins of the ladybug. There's quite a bit of misinformation to be found about these little buggers, but good news, they're not going to destroy your home.

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Asian Lady Beetles do bite, though. Don't worry, it doesn't hurt. The bites aren't life-threatening, either. A HUGE misconception about the Asian Lady Beetle is that they reproduce while in your home. According to the experts, that's not at all true.


So, if you're currently experiencing an influx of these critters making their way into your comfy, cozy abode, the Asian Lady Beetle isn't anything to lose your head over.

With all that being said, try not to step on them. That's when it can get nasty. You see, if you happen to squish one, you run the risk of a weird odor getting released within your home. Squishing an Asian Lady Beetle can also leave behind a yellow stain.

Photo by earthswell on Unsplash
Photo by earthswell on Unsplash

In summary, they might be annoying, but they're not going to hurt you.

To find out more about the Asian Lady Beetle, click HERE.

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