The country's most affordable airport?

If you know, you know.

It's Atlantic City International Airport!

Locals know that airfares out of Atlantic City are cheap!

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Loan company did a study on the country's most affordable airport, and Atlantic City - thanks to Spirit Airlines, came out at #1 on the list. Atlantic City's average fare came in at $109.43 - almost $10 cheaper than the next affordable airport on the list: Florida's Orlando Sanford International Airport (not to be confused with Orlando International Airport.

Thanks to the fares in Atlantic City, New Jersey actually comes in as the state with the lowest airfares in the country. The average fare for all New Jersey airports together is $205.60. The low Atlantic City fares are opposite of Newark Liberty Airport's average fair, which is $301.78.

The state with the second-lowest average fare is Florida with an average ticket price of $257.36.

On the other end, West Virginia is the state with the average most expensive fair: $419.27.

The average fare for Pennsylvania's airports is $298.60, while New York's average fare is $317.66.

By the way, some insider information on Spirit Airline fares out of Atlantic City. If you go to the airport and book your flights in person, ahead of time of course, you can get even better fares that are offered on the Spirit Airlines website.


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Hey, I love Spirit Airlines! I just fly in and out of the airport this past weekend. In addition to the low fares, parking is relatively cheap and very easy. You don't need a shuttle to the airport from the parking lot or garage - it's a very short walk. Security and check-in is also usually very easy!

Thanks, Spirit and Atlantic City International Airport for providing a cheap and convenient option!


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