Our kids are the future! And if we're seeking some change, they're the ones who are gonna do it. In which case, the Atlantic City Youth In Motion is setting up a program that'll help our kids unite the community.

Credit: Dario Doritoz DeLeon via gofundme.com
Credit: Dario Doritoz DeLeon via gofundme.com

Atlantic City Youth In Motion (ACYIM) serves the kids and young adults in Atlantic City and neighboring towns, by aiming to bring awareness to the impact that diversity has on our community. Through the medium of sports, participation, education, and demonstration, the ACYIM will work together to broaden the children’s perspectives towards other ethnic and cultural groups to help establish unity at a young age into our community!

ACYIM has created a Go-Fund-Me page that will be used to help raise money to order new training equipment, such as, soccer balls, practice cones, practice pinnies, and new uniforms for the kids. The organization will also be using the money raised to enter in the South Jersey Soccer Travel league, where uniforms are required, so that they can showcase the children’s talent.

Given the current economic status of Atlantic City, Youth In Motion continuously works around the clock with volunteer workers to teach kids that there is a brighter future with the sport you love to play, instead of being associated with violence, drugs and other negatives that come from living in any city. The kids of our area deserve every support that they can get, which will show them that hard work and dedication does pay off.

If you know someone out there who is doing a daily dose of good for someone in need, or would like us to help you spread the word send us your story to our Facebook page!

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