Fall sometimes gives people the travel bug. There's a new way to purchase cheap plane tickets if you don't mind the bare minimum....

If you choose the West Coast as your destination, that is.

The LA Times reports Alaska Airlines is now offering dirt cheap flights out west in an attempt to compete with the likes of other cheap airlines such as Frontier and Spirit. Other airlines have started to sell a 'basic economy' option. Similarly, Alaska Airlines is now about to adopt the same idea.

In exchange for this super inexpensive air fare option on other airlines, you, the passenger, must give up certain luxuries of flying that you might have become accustomed to. For one, you're not able to make any changes to your flights. Also, you do not have the option of a carry-on. The list of restrictions goes on and on..

In contrast, Alaska Airlines' 'saver fare' gives you a bit more freedom. You can still collect points, you can bring a carry-on, and you can even pick your seat - these benefits are basically unheard of with other basic economy tickets.

Sounds too good to be true, right? There are some drawbacks. Once purchased, the ticket booked through Alaska Airlines' 'saver fare' is non-refundable. Also, you will most likely be seated last which means you may not get a spot for your carry-on.

Seems like a pretty safe gamble, though, if it means you get to travel to some epic locations at a fraction of the cost.

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Source: LATimes.com.

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