I feel as though this was the most amazing experience of my life...

Growing up in New Jersey you would think that I have had the privilege of at least seeing the Show Your Shoes Parade to kick off Miss America 2018.

But nope.
EXCEPT--this year I was able to attend the parade AND the pageant.

And let me just say it was totally worth staying up past my bedtime for.

I could give you a play-by-play... but I figured I'd just document it and show you.

In a gist, my nights highlights were:

  • Watching Miss NJ's Kaitlyn Schoeffel make it to the TOP 3
  • Seeing Thomas Rhett
  • Endlessly gazing at Chris Harrison
  • Taking a selfie with Miss North Dakota, before she WON Miss America 2018
  • And meeting my hero, Maria Menuonos

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