Do you hate having your dog next to you begging you for your ice cream but you don't ever share? I mean, you probably want to share but it would either hurt your dog's tummy or you just do not share your ice cream with anyone.

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We have some good news for you and your ice cream loving dog. It was stated on Delish's website that now you can actually get your furry friend their own ice cream. We learned from Delish that Ben & Jerry's is soon going to release its very own "Doggie Dessert."

According to Delish, the Doggie Dessert will be in 2 different flavors that are "made with a sunflower butter base." The two different ice cream flavors for your puppy are Pontch's Mix and Rosie's Batch. Delish made it known that Rosie's Batch has pumpkin and mini cookies while Pontch's Mix is peanut butter and pretzel swirls. Those flavors sound like they can work for humans also.

If you go to the store and get ice cream for yourself you may think that some of the prices are a little expensive. Well, just know that for your dog the ice cream is not going to be as expensive. Delish shared that the Doggie Dessert can cost you just $1.29 for a single mini-cup and $4.49 for a multi-pack.

Delish did not share an exact release date for the Doggie Dessert by Ben & Jerry's but keep an eye out because it can be out on shelves very soon.

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