Imagine attending your company's holiday party and leaving with a surprise of $60,000 in your pocket.

That's exactly what happened to some employees of the Michigan-based company FloraCraft. You know them for their foam floral balls and cylinders used for crafting. You know, the kind you can purchase at Michael's, A.C. Moore, Walmart, etc.

6ABC reports that company owner Lee Schoenherr is splitting $4 million between 200 of his employees. Each employee's amount will be based on tenure with some people walking with an additional $60,000, the average gift falling in at around $20,000.

The employees are also receiving financial planning classes. 75% of the gift will go into the employees' retirement funds while the remaining 25% will be a cash gift. All employees interviewed say they knew a change was coming to the Christmas bonus this year, but none of them expected it would be something this generous.

Watch the full report below:


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