This Daily Dose of Good is for a little boy who needs it the most.

Credit: Michele Mulholland via
Credit: Michele Mulholland via

Meet Cole Mulholland, a 9 year little boy from Brigantine who has been diagnosed with a terminal disease called Mitochondrial disease.

This disease involves cell injury, cell death, and if it progresses--could result in system failures. In which case, this poor young man is constantly in and out of the hospital for treatments. And as a result, his family is suffering emotionally and financially. However, the focus will always be on Cole's progress and uncertain future with this disease.

However, there is a light in this story! Since Cole was three years old, he has had an obsession with police, and has always wanted to be a police officer when he grows up!

In which case, the Brigantine Police Department learned about Cole after he approached an officer to say hi at a local Wawa one day. And since then, the officers became moved by Cole's strength, and put together a plan to fulfill his dream of becoming a police officer!

A special honorary swear in ceremony and eventful day has been planned by the Brigantine Police Department to give Cole an unforgettable experience as he fulfills his dream of being a police officer.

If anyone would like to help support Cole and his family, please consider donating or simply sharing his GoFundMe campaign to help spread the word.

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