Courtney English, from Gloucester Township, is almost 8 months pregnant. She was working her shift at the Lamp Post diner on Friday where she was on the receiving end of a beautifully random act of kindness. reports after chatting with various patrons who were eating lunch at the diner this past Friday about her excitement over becoming a mother, English was called up to the counter and shown a bill she had left with one of the patrons, a Voorhees Township police officer. The receipt had a note written on it reading: "Enjoy your first. You will never forget it."

What was shocking about the bill wasn't the note, but the tip the officer had left her of $100 on an $8 check. says the officer left before English had a chance to thank him. She was so touched. Her father, Brian Cadigan, took to Facebook after hearing the news.

Courtney English was stunned because the two hadn't engaged in much small talk when she served him that day. She thinks he must have overheard other conversations. She was so moved by the act that she was brought to tears. Turns out, the police officer (who has chosen to remain anonymous) is a new parent also.


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