The mobile device obsession is providing some New Jersey tourism officials an opportunity to draw more visitors to their counties.

Diane Wieland, director of tourism for Cape May County, said they launched their mobile tourism efforts last year after receiving a state grant.

Woman using her Mobile Phone, Night Light Background (LDProd, ThinkStock)
LDProd, ThinkStock

While it was the county focused on this, Wieland said they had realized the growing trend of millennials and younger visitors relying mostly on their devices to research destinations and book travel.

"So we needed to add the digital element to what we were already doing," she said.

Cape May County has increasingly used social media to showcase everything they have to offer, along with digital campaigns across multiple platforms. So far, the county is getting a good return on their investment.

"We're finding that we can reach more people with our limited dollars," Wieland said.

Their efforts have allowed them to not only considerably increase their reach, but also get the word out to specific potential customers by piquing their interest to different activities, events, and destinations around the county.

"The digital platform gave us that opportunity to change our messaging to target our customer," Wieland explained.

In fact, they have seen a 400 percent increase in their reach on Facebook, offering a chance to show there is plenty of places to visit besides just the beaches and boardwalks.

"We are marketing year-round and the digital outreach is allowing us to do that."

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