We’re on a mission to find the best places to grab lunch in your neighborhood! Every Wednesday, I’ll feature a new town and new lunch spots!

Today we’re going to Sea Isle City! Here are the 3 best places to get lunch in Sea Isle City!

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1.  McGowan's - McGowan's is a family owned and operated market on Landis Avenue in Sea Isle City.  After a long night at the OD or the Springfield, McGowan's has the perfect sandwich to get you going for a day on the beach!  Get the Glenside Pub, served hot.

2.  Mrs. Brizzle's Buns - I've been going to Mrs. Brizzle's for years, I love their wheat bagel with cucumber, tomato and light veggie cream cheese.  But the hoagies are to die for.  As well as the buns.  Oh and the eggs - fluffed in the espresso machine... Just go, today.

3.  Welshie's for Shore - Welshie's is another hang-over helper.  You can get any flavor of Gatorade to help quench your thirst as well as any number of fried foods.  But I go to Welshie's for the Sidewinder.  It's a buffalo chicken cheesesteak.  And it's the best I've ever had.

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