August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day!

So many businesses are participating in the celebration by offering free root beer floats, discounted root beer, etc. But, what if you can't indulge the way the general masses can? I mean, what if you're still working on that summer body?

Those currently on the Keto Diet are really feeling the struggle right now. The CliffsNotes description of the Keto Diet is as follows: you eat foods low in carbs and high in fats in an effort to force your body into a state of ketosis which makes the metabolism burn fat storage for energy.

If you're not familiar with macronutrients, you might be surprised to know that you can't have real ice cream on the Keto Diet, so obviously making a root beer float today to celebrate might pose a problem. The carbs in ice cream come from sugar, so in order to maintain a state of ketosis, you really have to be mindful of what exactly is in your food. So, sorry friends, real ice cream is out.

Don't fret! You can still indulge in the holiday by using this keto-friendly recipe. It's actually, pretty easy...


  • 1

    Sugar Free Root Beer the first thing you'll need. Don't forget, sugars are an enemy to the keto diet. Get your hands on some sugar-free stuff, and you're good to go. Pro Tip: make sure it's not sweetened with Splenda.

  • 2

    Heavy Cream

    This is going to take the place of ice cream. Get some heavy cream and...

  • 3

    Mix Together!

    Pour the cream into the root beer and voila! You've got yourself a root beer float.

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