It's summer which means all those summer diets are in full swing.

What happens when you get a craving for something sweet? You know you shouldn't go to the local ice cream stand, but you do it anyway. Then, you spend the entire ride home and the next few days feeling guilty about your cheat that probably wasn't all that awful anyway.

The problem with giving into the craving even once is that it can lead you down a rabbit hole of no return. One cheat becomes two which becomes four and before you know it, you've consumed not only the ice cream, but a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast in the office, a slice of pizza for lunch, and you caved and went for mexican on Taco Tuesday.

The foolproof way to stick to any diet is to actually give into those cravings but in a "healthy" way. This means, you find ways to make your favorite cheat meals fit within the specs of whatever program you're following. For example, if you're following the Keto Diet, these Keto-Friendly brownies from the Keto Daily Facebook page might satisfy that chocolate cake craving. Check it out:

Source: Facebook

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