Who doesn't love a good steakhouse?

There's something about Charlie Brown's that transports you back in time a bit. I'm not sure about the last time you made the trek up to Gloucester County to enjoy a bite at Charlie Brown's steakhouse, but no matter where I've lived after graduation high school, I always made sure to have a meal at Charlie Brown's in Woodbury at least once a year.

Now, I know it's a steakhouse and all, but my favorite parts of my meal were always the French Onion Soup and the unlimited salad bar.

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As you can imagine, when they announced that they were closing the closest Charlie Brown's location left to us here in Atlantic County, it was a bummer for all who liked that place. Thanks a lot, COVID. Good news, though. Apparently, they won't be closed for too much longer! According to 42Freeway.com, a company associated with the restaurant purchased the building and intends to reopen the steakhouse in the early months of the new year.

Guests can expect a freshened-up look, but the same delicious steak, unlimited salad bar, and prime rib at the same quality it was before. Don't expect a downgrade in the menu. Apparently, Charlie Brown's 2.0 will still feature the entrees sans steak that people loved, as well.

Read more about what to expect from the revamped Charlie Brown's HERE.

Source: 42freeway.com

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