A few months back I took a MyHeritage DNA Test and was completely confused and shocked by the results. The results didn't add up to what my family always said that we were and to the results from other family members. According to the test I was over 77% English. That seemed alarming high. It also showed that I was not Irish at all. I was thoroughly confused. I reached out to 23andMe to take a test through them to see how the results varied. They were pretty dissimilar in many aspects.

23andMe sent me two kits, which turned out to be even better. I was able to have my brother take a test too that way we could see how our DNA varied. We assumed there would be some variations in the results. Unlike MyHeritage, where you swabbed the inside of your cheek, the kits from 23andMe required you to spit in a vial. This resulted in my brother and I laughing through the entire process. It's a tad awkward to spit into a vial on camera.

Luckily, my brother and I came up as brother and sister in the family relation results. That would've been an awkward conversation with our parents. Our ethnicity results were not all that dissimilar. The variations were not extreme. I also did not come up as 77% British.

I do have to say that the results from 23andMe made the most sense and aligned with my family history. The video is not sponsored, but 23andMe did send me the kits.

Check out my DNA results and see how much of a Neanderthal my brother and I are:

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