I honestly don't think I am overreacting when I say that I feel like my entire life is a lie. I grew up thinking I knew who I was and who my ancestors are, but I learned that I was very, very wrong. Recently, I took a DNA test from MyHertiage and got my results the other day. I could not have been more surprised.

I grew up being told and telling everyone that I was Irish, Scottish, and German. Then as I got older that grew to Irish, Scottish, German, and English. We then found out my dad's side of the family is also Romanian. Then, (yes my heritage is a process) my grandma told us her father was Jewish and that her DNA test came back with European Jewish. With all of that, according to MyHeritage I was wrong.

I have come to the conclusion that the test was wrong and that somewhere there was a mistake. If my aunt is 40% Irish and I have Irish from both sides, there is no way I am not Irish.

My dad was listening to a woman who studies genealogy and she said that the DNA tests aren't all that accurate. She said that the best way to see where your family is from is to look at documents and family trees. My family has done this in the past and there was most definitely Irish in there.

With that in mind, I do want to take two more tests from two other companies to see what they say and compare the results. Fingers crossed it comes back Irish otherwise I will be quite upset.

Thank you to MyHeritage for sending me the kit for free. The video is not sponsored.

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