This is a story that I was not sure if I would ever share on the internet. However, after the story got brought up multiple times over the past few weeks I decided it was time. I thought it over on how I would approach this topic. While I like to add a little snark and humor to my stories, I wanted to approach this with a more serious tone. This is an unfortunately true story that occurred a few years ago.

I want to use my story as a cautionary tale for you. This is one of those instances where you think that this is something that wouldn't happen to you until it does. I will admit I had that attitude until it happened. What made this story even more frightening, was the person who did this was someone I knew and believed I could trust.

A few years ago I was at an event when someone I knew made me a drink. This was not out of the ordinary, so I accepted the drink. They tell you to not take drinks from strangers, but this person was not a stranger. I never finished the drink, but by the way I felt and acted, you would have thought I drank the entire bottle of vodka. (Story continued below.)

I was fortunate enough to have people around me that were there to assure that nothing happened to me. However, this is not always the case for others. Please be overly cautious when accepting drinks from people. It is very sad that even when you think you can trust someone, they do something like this. The video above shares the entire story of what happened leading up to being drugged and after.

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