It's been a while since the Cat's been out on the prowl, but we're back!

Tonight, meet up with me,  Jahna Michal from the Cat Country Morning Show, at the Golden Nugget Tavern on Berlin New Freedom Road in Berlin! I can't wait to get out and see everybody.

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Don't worry, we'll be socially distanced to ensure we can all have some fun while staying safe. Also, if you stop by to say hi, I can hook you up with a Cat Country face guard! If you heard us talking about them on the show this morning, you know that Joe and I disagree about what they should be called, haha!

JMB with TSM
JMB with TSM

Sidebar: it's National Tequila Day! Don't sit at home tonight when you could be hanging out with me having some fun. Hope to see you there.

Quick Recap:

  • Who? Jahna Michal
  • Where? Golden Nugget Tavern
  • Directions? Off of Berlin New Freedom Road in Berlin
  • When? Friday, 7/24 from 6-8p

See you tonight!


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