During a time when we're all struggling just to make ends meet, it's immensely heartwarming to hear about others still trying to give back to the community.

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With that being said, we head over to Cumberland County where it's recently been reported that even though the holidays are over, the spirit of giving hasn't left one particular Elks chapter.

According to NJ.com, a specific Vineland chapter of the Elks organization has collected and fundraised for those in need, particular those who are currently going hungry due to the state of the world and the economic strain brought on by the pandemic here in South Jersey.

NJ.com reports that the Elks chapter 1422 located in Vineland, Cumberland County have recently presented two rounds of monetary donations to the Salvation Army. The first was a check worth one-thousand dollars that was donated from grant specific to the Elk's organization as a whole. The second donation was a check worth five hundred dollars that was collected within the Elks 1422 chapter during their holiday celebration this year.

Reportedly, one of the donations was collected in an organized effort to help SA buy and distribute Christmas gifts.

If you're a South Jersey resident, then you're already aware of the big hearts we have down here. What's so special about this is the proof it provides of how supportive we are of one another and our communities even during times of extreme health, financial, and emotional hardship.

Source: NJ.com


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