If I win either the Mega Millions or Power Ball - both are over $550 Million - I'm buying this island in the Bahamas.

I love the Bahamas - the heat, the water, the breeze, and if I win, this is where I want to spend the majority of my time. Honestly, my family can come with me or not, I'm still going.

What will I do there? Pretty much whatever I want. With hundred of millions of dollars in my pocket - even after I buy this island - I will have plenty of dough to go anywhere and do anything I please.

(If you're keeping track, I'll be donating a big chunk of money to charity....but, we can discuss that later.)

Courtesy of privateislandsonline.com
Courtesy of privateislandsonline.com
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Let's talk about my island. (Well, it will be mine - and, I might just change the name to Joe's Island!)

It's called Frozen Cay - and I'm pretty sure the only thing frozen on the island will be my little frozen drinks with little umbrellas in them! (Who am I kidding? BIG frozen drinks....)

Frozen Cay is currently for sale - the whole isalnd - at a price of $17 Million. I'm good with that, no need to haggle.

Courtesy of privateislandsonline.com
Courtesy of privateislandsonline.com

For my money, I'll be getting a 40+ acre island about 35 miles from Nassau. I can get there by seaplane, boat, or whatever. Again, with millions in my pocket, I can figure it out when I need to. I'm sure a Uber Pilot will be happy to fly me in and out....

There's a huge 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home on the island, and if I want (again with millions in my pocket), I can build a few more if my little heart desires.

There's a heated swimming pool, and of course nice sand beaches all around me.

Yep, when I win, you'll find me there.  I'll send you a postcard or something. Maybe. Probably not.

PS..... I probably shouldn't mention this, but if I win the lottery I'm not really going to buy this island. I'll buy another one so no one can find me....

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