You've by now gotten the countless pamphlets in the mail, calls from volunteers, even emails from various sources regarding your response or lack-there-of to the 2020 census.

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If you have yet to respond, prepare to have someone knock on your door every day. I'm speaking from experience. See, what had happened was.... I thought I'd responded to the census MONTHS ago. Turns out, I hadn't actually submitted mine. I must have filled it out online and just had forgot to press the 'Submit' button. Sounds like me.

Anyway, my boyfriend's been working from my apartment during quarantine, so he informed me last week when I got home from work that someone from the census bureau stopped by two days in a row. IN A ROW. The fact that he waited to tell me about the first visit is something I'll never wrap my head around, but regardless, they were hunting me down!

There's no real deadline to complete the census, but if you don't want census takers wandering around your property for days on end, I suggest you just pull it up on your phone and get it done. I'm not exaggerating when I say it literally takes two minutes to complete.

Hopefully, this PSA is of no use or value to you since you've already completed yours. If, however, you were like me and (though, unintentionally) forgot to submit your response, get it in so you don't have to hide and pretend your not home when they show up at your front door.

All the info you need to know to complete your census is HERE.




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