They're baaaack!

Woody and the gang are headed back to theaters in about two months! Are you excited for the next installment of the Toy Story?

You should be. Disney Pixar released to the world the first glimpse of what Andy's toys have been up to in the first trailer for Toy Story 4 this morning. Social media is already swarming with comments from all sides of the fence.

Toy Story is coming back! How can you feel any other emotion but excitement? The consensus seems to be that the world is just as excited as we are to see what's been up with Woody, Buzz, and the gang. The last installment hit theaters just shy of ten years ago, making its theatrical debut in June of 2010.

Without further ado, check out the trailer for Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4!

As with anything, opinions are all over the place. Some people are even calling it "straight trash". Most people are just expecting to be bawling their eyes out by the end. If it's anything like Toy Story 3's ending, would you expect any less? The best part of the trailer, though? Woody's former love, Bo Peep is back!

Toy Story 4 is in theaters everywhere on June 21st.

Sources: Facebook, Giphy

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