Mustache men of the world, I have a big question for you. Before I ask the question, I need to tell you a story. It will all make sense in the end. This evening my brothers were talking about their facial hair. More specifically, their mustaches. My one brother (who wants to remain nameless) asked my other brother (Keenan) how he trims his mustache hair. I was very confused when they both said the manner in which they go about this. He who must not be named asked Keenan if he ever bites his mustache hair when it get too long.

At first I thought he had meant he accidentally bites the hair when it gets too long. However, I was very wrong. He who must not be named said that he bites his mustache hair in order to trim it. Keenan said that he does the same thing. I was shocked, rightfully so.

When I expressed my shock they responded with the same surprise towards me. They thought I was the weird one for thinking that it was weird to trim a mustache by just biting it. They made it seem like it is a more common practice than I thought. This leads me to my question.

Am I wrong? Do men trim their mustaches by biting the long hairs when they hit below the lip? Inquiring minds need to know.

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