We are now into the second round of our Ultimate Pizza Bracket 2020. We started off with 16 pizza toppings/styles and week by week we will whittle them down to find the best pizza ever. Week one started with meatball vs. Hawaiian, plain vs. vodka sauce, sausage vs. chicken, Margherita vs. olive, anchovy vs. grandma, pepperoni vs. white with broccoli, supreme vs. bacon, and mushroom vs. tomato and onion.

We have now halved our pizza and are left with our top 8. The votes have been tallied and it is now time to reveal the 8 remaining.

  • Meatball vs. Hawaiian
  • Plain vs. Vodka Sauce
  • Sausage vs. Chicken
  • Margherita vs. Olive
  • Anchovy vs. Grandma
  • Pepperoni vs. White w/ Broccoli
  • Supreme vs. Bacon
  • Mushroom vs. Tomato and Onion
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The closest battle was between mushroom and tomato and onion, only 3 votes separated the two. The topping with the least votes was olives. Poor olives.


Now it's time again to vote for your favorites in round two.

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