We have our final four pizza toppings and the competition is heating up. See what I did there? Okay, I'll go home. We are just two weeks away from finding the best pizza topping of all time. This is our Ultimate Pizza Bracket 2020 and by the end of this very scientific study we will know which pizza topping we should always order.

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The votes have been tallied and we have the top four.

  • Meatball vs. Plain
  • Sausage vs. Margherita
  • Grandma vs. Pepperoni
  • Supreme vs. Mushroom

The biggest win was plain vs. meatball where plain wiped the floor with meatball. The closest battle was sausage vs. Margherita, which was separated by only 3 votes.

Here is the bracket as it stands.


Let's get down to the final two. Cast your votes here. Plain vs. sausage and pepperoni vs. supreme.

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