Let's me honest here. In the privacy of your own home, and with your family, and possible friends, and there secret names you use to identify your neighbors?

Apparently, the answer is a resounding Yes!

(NOTE: This story was originally published in 2018. We're re-publishing it because, well, we still find it hilarious!)

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I asked friends on Facebook yesterday whether they had secret names for their neighbors, and boy, did we get some great ones!

Here are some of the my favorite names we've received - so far! For the record, I don't have any names for my current neighbors - they are all nice and friendly people:)!

*The Loud Family

*Smokey the Bear

*Riff Raff

*Dude Down the Hall

*Yappy Dog Couple

*Red BMW

*Crazy Neighbor

*Crazy Mike

*(all these from one person): Weird lady, weird dude, nice people across the street, hoarders, and Joe.

*The Mayor

*The dog**** lady (she doesn't clean up after her dog)

*Spy Lady

*Highs School Escort

*Rude Nasty New Yorkers




* The Eye in the Sky ("they live on the second floor and report any perceived infractions to the: property manager, marine police, real police, the tow truck company and...")

* 8 Toes Eddy (Who's apparently down to 7 now....)

*Duece Bigelow, Hyena,

*Leather Face, Shakes, Smoky

*Mrs. Kool-Aid, Mouse Trap, Party House

*Husky Parents, Nice Grass Guy, The Whore Next Door

*Beaver Ed

*Creepy Guy

*Annoying Barking Dog People

*Drunk Bill, Bill the Plumber, and Bill the Cheater

*The Wacko out Backo


*The Godly People, Big Mouth Bitch, Whore 2 Doors Down

*Betty Cracker

*The Braless Wonder



*Yard Star

*Daisy Dukes

*The Vacuum Lady

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