You can't help it. You love your pup. I know you do because mine are my babies. I love seeing them have a great time. Whether it's on a walk or a frolic on the beach, there's nothing better than looking at your dog and just seeing pure joy exuding from them.

That's why I love taking my pups for rides in the car. Is there anything they like more? I can't be alone in this. Even if I'm not able to witness their excitement because I have to pay attention to the road, I know they're having a great time sticking their heads out of the car's rear windows and letting the wind hit them in their faces.

It's like they're having the time of their lives. It's always the little things, isn't it?

That's got to make you wonder, though. With the world being the way it is today, is it even legal to let your dog hang out the window?

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I know plenty of people that have seatbelt contraptions for their dogs. That's, most likely, the safest option for them since it means they're secure within the vehicle, but do most people have that in their cars? What does the law here in NJ mandate regarding dogs in vehicles?

Apparently, if your dog is free to roam around the car while it's moving, you could actually be facing a pretty hefty fine should you get caught here in the Garden State. Yep, pets must be restrained and can't be sitting in laps of any passengers while the vehicle is in motion. Hey, dog parents love to refer to their pups as their children, right? Well, now pets are getting treated like kids, too.

That means that you won't see many dogs with their heads out of car windows here in NJ for much longer. That's true, at least, once authorities start enforcing it.

Everything you need to know about the pet seatbelt laws now in effect here in New Jersey can be found HERE.


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