Do you walk on one of our New Jersey beaches and look for stuff?

A unique shell, a weird stone, a discarded personal treasure?

Honestly, you never know what the ocean will bring in.

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Don't touch this if you see it on a New Jersey beach

In Texas, researchers say some something called "witch bottles" have been washing up on shore.

Photo by Scott Van Hoy on Unsplash
Photo by Scott Van Hoy on Unsplash

What's a witch bottle?

According to experts, they're bottles filled with items that were discarded by people in the 16th and 17th centuries. They believed these bottles would help ward off spells or curses. Spells and curses that were set into motion by witches.

The story was originally reported by

Photo by Eric Snissaert on Unsplash
Photo by Eric Snissaert on Unsplash

What's in the bottles?

The bottles often contained things like "iron nails, fingernail clippings and human hair." UPI reports that the items were all collected in an effort to turn back any black magic.

At least eight of the bottles have turned up on Texas beaches over the last several years.

Apparently no one has had the nerve to actually open up the bottles.

Would you?

So the next time you see a bottle wash up on the Jersey Shore, check to see if there's a message inside - or something a lot more weird.

Photo by Mick Kirchman on Unsplash
Photo by Mick Kirchman on Unsplash


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