Call me corny, cheesy, whatever you want, but yes, I am one of those people that LOVES to party for St. Patrick's Day every year.

Am I Irish? Yes, partly. However, it's not even about the heritage aspect for me. St. Patrick's Day falls in the middle of March when everyone's had it up to their ears with winter and its shenanigans. By the time St. Patrick's Day rolls around every year, we're all fed up with the cold, fed up with the dark and dreary days, and are counting down the days 'til Memorial Day Weekend.

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The St. Patrick's Day celebrations across South Jersey are always epic. More than that, though, they're a way to break up the monotony of winter. We're all stuck inside with nothing to do but stare at the walls at that point. Last year, it was understandable why all the celebrations were cancelled. We were just figuring out how to navigate the pandemic and, quite frankly, it wasn't safe to give gatherings like that a green light, masks or no masks. However, this year's a bit different.

We as a society are so much more educated about COVID-19 and how it spreads. We're also aware of what to do to protect ourselves from contracting it. With that being said, it's unfortunate to hear about all the St. Patrick's Day celebration cancellations that have already been announced. I had some hope of celebrating this year, but the parades and parties that are still on seem to be canceling one after the other. As of now, the Atlantic City celebrations like the parade are cancelled yet again. The one glimmer of hope for a fun St. Paddy's celebration is North Wildwood. Apparently, that parade is still on.

Since the powers-that-be over there have already stated that there will be no indoor celebration should the parade be met with inclement weather, hopefully it won't get cancelled like all the rest. At this point, I think that people know how to protect themselves from the virus - mask up, don't get too close to anyone not in your group, etc. Also, tons of people are getting vaccinated in our region daily.

North Wildwood, I'm looking at you now --- PLEASE don't cancel the St. Paddy's parade this year. If you must, I am, of course, aware that it's not your fault, but what you feel is best for everyone to keep us safe. However, hopefully with Governor Murphy easing up on so many restrictions this week, you'll let the celebration proceed as planned.

COVID-19, listen, don't you go ruining yet ANOTHER holiday for us. We're about done with your nonsense.


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