Remember your mom yelling at you to turn off those "stupid" video games? If she only knew the checks that would be written for ESPORTS in the year 2019...

The 2019 EsportsTravel Summit- the only event of its kind for esports tournament and event organizers, will be all over Atlantic City from June 25th to June 27th. The Summit is set up by NorthStar Travel group, by gathering over 300 attendees who are involved, many at a "senior" level in the esports industry. The goal is simple, quite like the city motto, the pitch is basically telling these attendees to "DO AC."

The Summit begins with an esports demonstration at Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall, showing the attendees why the space would be a great venue for future esports tournaments. Esports teams from Rutgers and Stockton Universities will be assisting with the demonstration.

The Summit will also have a first ever Marketplace, where event organizers and destinations/suppliers can gather and even set up  appointments with one another, making Atlantic City the place to be for anyone and everyone in the industry.

I had the chance to speak with the Founder of the TEAMS Conference and chairman of the Sports Division of NorthStar Travel Group, Timothy Schneider. Timothy is bringing TEAMS Conference, which is the worlds largest gathering of Sports-Event Organizers, back to Atlantic City in 2021, after bringing it here for the first time in 2016.

"Atlantic City has been a loyal, multi -year sponsor of the TEAMS Conference & Expo and has also supported the growth of the sports-event industry by sponsoring and hosting the EsportsTravel Summit" said Timothy Schneider. So what? you ask. Since the first conference in 2016, Atlantic City has seen an increase in esporting events and esports related meetings and conventions flock to the city and it has now become an important source of business and revenue for Atlantic City. Insert the Esports Travel Summit taking place June 25 to June 27 as a great example.

The attendees at TEAMS '21, includes gatekeepers to the 88 million room nights and $31 BILLION in direct spending generated by sports related travel annually, all of which will be gathering at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

"Attendees who return with us for TEAMS '21 will experience Atlantic City's amazing ability to provide meeting and event planners with a unique experience each time they visit Atlantic City.

Who would of thought those video games just might be the city's golden ticket?

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