The most fabulous three-day weekend of the summer in South Jersey is FINALLY here!

The TidalWave Music Festival kicks off Friday, August 12th right on the beach in the Atlantic City! The doors open around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, so if you haven't started getting your gear together, you better hop to it. Before you start packing your day bag, you should probably know what you're actually allowed to bring into the show with you.

First of all, you should know that you're only allowed to bring in small bags, basically just wristlets. They have to be about the size of your hand. Any bag you'd like to bring that's bigger than that must be clear and cannot exceed the dimensions if 12" x 6" x 12".

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A lot of people have been asking via social media whether or not blankets are allowed on the beach for this show. That's not a crazy question considering you'd normally bring one to sit on for a normal beach day. However, blankets are unfortunately prohibited this time around.

Now, this should go without saying, but you're going to have to leave your fur babies at home. No pets allowed on the beach unless it is a registered service animal. You can show Fido pics from the show later.

Leave the flags, totem poles, and fliers at home. The same goes for drones, too, friends. Nothing of yours will be taking flight at TidalWave Music Fest this year.

Here's something to get excited about. You ARE permitted to bring chairs and blow-up couches to the concert.The chairs can't be obnoxiously large, but as long as they're just normal, low-key beach chairs, then you're good to go. The venue has a specific block of sand reserved for people who choose to bring chairs, so you will be required to plant your seat within those parameters. Just keep that in mind.

Everything you can and can't bring with you this weekend is included in the Instagram post below. Check it out:

Source: Instagram

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