Without a doubt this is one of the oddest stories I've ever written.

If you read the headline, you're probably wondering what restaurant we're talking about.

The truth is: I'm not going to tell you.

I don't have the heart to "out" the restaurant. I'm not sold that they really did anything wrong.

But, by admitting that, I may be doing the same kind of harm, at least in some people's eyes.

Confused yet?

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Let me try to explain. Last week, a certain restaurant posted something on their Facebook page akin to, "Our hearts go out to all the people in the Middle East. Sending love."

The post was apparently not up for very long, then it was taken down.

It was up long enough though, for someone to take a screen shot of the post, then share it in a private South Jersey Facebook group.

Immediately people responded - many calling for the boycott of this restaurant.

If right now, you're thinking, "What's wrong with people showing support for the people in the Middle East" - especially in light of recent events - you're not alone.

Some people posted thoughts similar to that - and, again, almost immediately, those people's views were attacked.

Still confused?

Let me try to explain.


Apparently many people who responded negatively were upset that this restaurant didn't profess support of Israel only. They believed the post indicated a support for everyone - so it was inferred that the restaurant supports all people - even those who just performed the attacks against Israel and its people.

Sure, some tried to reason that this was probably not meant as a show of support for the evil-doers, but those people seemed few and far between.

Boycott, condemn, call-out, and never patronize the restaurant again were the actions suggested by those offended by the Facebook post.

Now here comes my two cents: I really don't understand. I mean I really don't understand.

I'm not Jewish, and probably like many non-Jewish people, I don't fully know and understand everything Israel and its people have gone through.

My lack of knowledge isn't on purpose - I just don't know everything about the Jewish people and their history.

Of course, by the same token, I'm sure everyone doesn't understand the history and backgrounds of varies other religions.

Yes, in some areas I'm just not educated - but, isn't that everyone?

Expressing a hope for "peace" is not always a message of support for or against anyone.

I've been on this earth for a lot of years - I've always heard of unrest in the Middle East, and the desire for peace. When bad things happen and innocent people are killed, don't we all hope for "peace"?

If I haven't lost you yet, let me get to the real heart of this thing for me:

You want to boycott a business because you THINK you know what was going through the head of the business owner the moment the words showed up on social media?

Maybe the owner wasn't even aware of the posting. Maybe it was an employee, or maybe it was a company that handles the business's social media.

Maybe it was none of this, and the person who posted thought they were doing a good thing. Some of us, still may see the original post as "caring and nice."

Finally, this: "It's just Facebook y'all!"

It appears to me, this business was just trying to post something caring. Maybe they were naive.

Maybe I'm just naive.

Can't we all get along? Or at least try?

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