Is there a cougar on the prowl in the Galloway Township area?

A local woman posted on a private Facebook page late Tuesday night that she was the witness to a big cat: she says it was a mountain lion or cougar.

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Now,  anyone who studies such things will tell you, "There are no cougars or mountain lions in New Jersey." According to

"Despite rumors otherwise, New Jersey has never officially reported a mountain lion (cougar) in modern times. Earlier posts here have had a lot of visitors and comments about sightings of this big cat in the state, but nothing official. The NJDEP has regularly reported that the species does not exist in the wild here."

We won't identify the woman's name without her permission since the post was made on a private Facebook group (Galloway Township Happenings), but her's what she said in her post: "My dog and I was just stalk [sic] by mountain lion (cougar) in our own front yard. That was no bobcat. It had no spots and a long tail. I got lucky to scare it away just in time. It ran back into the woods across the street. I'm only sharing this to let others know on Seaview ave. That we definitely have one here. Please be careful when outside at night."

She tells us it was Seaview Avenue near Brook Lane.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Before you ask, no she does not have a photo.

The post was made late Tuesday night. Naturally, there were many skeptical responses, but one respondent said this, "I was hunting the end of bow season and neighbors dogs were barking. Started hearing large cat scream/growl close by. Figured bobcat or cougar. Neighbor heard it a few days later early in the morning."

The woman who made the post says she's reported it to Galloway Township Police, but there's been no official report issued from the police department.

If you live in the area, and you've seen something, we'd love to hear from you. Please send an email to:

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