While it’s true that online gambling has become a very popular option for people who enjoy gambling, many have said that there is nothing that beats the actual excitement of physically being in a casino, especially when you win! And while it’s not that common to enjoy a weekend of gambling that ends with a $50,000 booty, it does happen in Atlantic City – sometimes maybe even more than you think.

The NJ Division of Gaming enforcement keeps track of these things and it’s pretty interesting to look at some of the statistics of their latest Atlantic City jackpots greater than $50,000 report.

For example, a quick look at their latest report will tell you that 86 jackpots over $50,000 have been won since January 1. One of those jackpots was over a million dollars— $2,564,093.75 to be exact— and it was won at Bally’s Park Place on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Interestingly, one of the other highest value jackpots on the list was also from a Wheel of Fortune machine at Bally’s. It paid out $424,297.

I ignored the online gambling sites on the list (and believe me, those jackpots were also huge) and just concentrated on the physical casinos. These were the top five in over 50k payouts. And although this report doesn’t take into account the ratio of how many people were actually gambling to how many jackpots won, Borgata tops the list handily.

Number of over 50k Jackpots since Jan 1, 2020:

  • Borgata - 12
  • Caesars - 7
  • Hard Rock - 4
  • Ocean Resort - 6
  • Tropicana - 6

If you’re feeling lucky, these may be the casinos to hit on your next trip to AC.

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