It's all fun and games until you're in mid-conversation with a seventeen-year-old and discover they have no idea what a cassette tape is.

The generational gap between those that grew up with smart technology and those that didn't has never been more apparent than it is today. It's hard to accept, but some people have to face the music - times are changing. You're getting old!

No, I'm totally kidding. But, it's still hilarious to even attempt to fathom kids not knowing what *not* having on-demand is like.

Check out these five things that 2000s babies will never have to use in their lifetimes.


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    Landline Phone

    Kids today will never need to use a phone with a landline. Some don't even know what a phone with a cord looks like. Are you ready for this, though? Most kids born after 2005 have never even heard a dial tone before.

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    Floppy Disks

    2000s babies never had to go without USBs, so showing them a floppy disk is basically like showing them a dinosaur fossil.

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    VHS Tapes

    Oh yes, who could forget having to rewind VHS's before returning them to the video store? Remember when the VCR would eat the tape and you'd have to spend up to an hour sometimes getting the tape out?

    Yeah, 2000s babies only had to worry about scratches on their DVDs. Crazy, right?

    Which leads to the next item on our list...

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    Video Stores

    Okay, so this one might not hold true for ALL 2000s babies, but some have never been inside a Blockbuster. Netflix rendered video stores pretty much obsolete.


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    Portable CD Players

    Or Walkman as they used to be called before the CD era..

    2000s babies have grown up with iPods in existence for the majority of their lifetime, therefore portable CD players weren't really a thing once they hit those preteen years.