The growing season is a wonderful time of year throughout New Jersey. From the start of spring to the early days of fall, The Garden State truly lives up to its name this time of year.

And many homeowners and businesses take pride in beautifying their landscapes. Some choose to stick with native plants, while others go for things not typically found around the state naturally.

When it comes to the types of plants to choose from, it mostly comes down to personal taste. But if you're a pet owner, there are some flowers you might want to pay extra attention to.

It's not to say we shouldn't grow these, as many of these flowers are found all over the Garden State. But rather, it's more of a heads up when it comes to flowers that can be toxic to our furry friends.

If you're looking to plant around your house, here are a few options you might want to keep your pet from getting too comfortable around.

Three White Calla Lillies

Toxic Flowers to Keep Away From Your Pets

Though pretty, these flowers are prone to cause issues with dogs and cats, so if you're thinking about gifting one of these to your special someone, make sure you don't let the animals get to them!

Again, there's nothing wrong with planting any of these if you have pets. Just be aware and try to keep your pet from consuming, chewing, or digging up any of these plants.

The safest option, of course, is to avoid planting anything that might be toxic to your pet in the first place. And if that's your preferred direction, then these flowers might be a safer bet for you.

Non-Toxic Flowers That Are Safe For Pets

Contrary to our list of unsafe flowers for pets like cats and dogs, here are some flowers for your sweetheart that are a safe bet for the animals as well!

Some of New Jersey's Native Plants

New Jersey has more than 2,000 native plants in the state. But 350 of them are in a searchable database at Here are some native plants you can find in the Garden State, some perfect for hummingbirds and butterflies and others for yard beauty.

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