I constantly wonder if Ol' Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, were still alive, if he'd be happy that New Jersey named a rest area after him.

Back in 2021, the Atlantic City Service Area on the Garden State Parkway in Galloway was renamed the Frank Sinatra Service Area.

At that time, Parkway service areas were changed over and named to honor famous New Jersians including singer Jon Bon Jovi, children's author Judy Blume, and more.

So, what do people think of Ol' Blue Eyes' place? We did some digging and found out!

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We went to foursquare.com and found some rather entertaining comments about the Galloway location. Check these out, (along with my own comments):

  • "There's a Roy Rogers but it doesn't sell burgers. What the Hell kind of communist insanity is that?"  (We can't find any information that either Frank Sinatra or Roy Rogers were members of the Communist Party.)
  • "The perfect venue to get a pumpkin spice latte and not feel judged, because in a rest stop, you all feel worthless." (I feel if Sinatra were still singing today, this would be the verse of his newest song!)
  • "The Relax & Recharge shiatsu chairs are very... aggressive." (Welcome to Jersey, pal!)
  • "Free tire air, but bring your own gauge." (I believe at the Judy Blume Service Area, they supply you with tire gauges!)
  • "Horrible bathrooms. And be careful where you park if you are planning on sleeping, some lights turn on and off." (We'll send someone to check on the lights.)
  • "Take a break in a massage chair." (Woah, we're half way there!) (Whoops! Those are the chairs from the Bon Jovi rest area.)

There you go, the Frank Sinatra Service Area. As Frank would sing, "Come Fly With Me!"

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